McGraw-Hill Education’s “The Art of Teaching”

“The Art of Teaching” is a campaign that captures and recognizes the true ‘art of teaching,’ as seen through the lens of professional educators. Education is under increased pressure in the digital era to innovate with technologies to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of teaching and learning. McGraw-Hill Education is driving these innovations forward, but also recognizes and is passionately committed to the fact that at the real center of teaching is the educator. Technology enables and empowers the educator to do what they do best, teach. It is through this Art of Teaching campaign that we spotlight, recognize, and appreciate the true “art” that goes into educating and improving the lives of students everyday.

Although most educators have a similar set of values and responsibilities, their experiences and perspectives on teaching can be uniquely different. The campaign highlights that and focuses on three educator scenarios—that of a new teacher, a seasoned teacher, and a principal. The series captures a "day in the life” of these educators. Our production approach was authentic and participatory. The scripts and photography for the films were developed through interviews and conversations with educators. We filmed in the classrooms of seven teachers, and one full day of filming with a high school principal. The series attempts to provide insight into the craft of teaching and to honor the hard work and commitment of American public school educators. 
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